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Vegan A La Carté Menu


Edamame and Green Beans | 8:50

with olive oil

Black Olive Tapenade Bruschetta | 9.50

garlic infused ciabatta, roasted sweet potato,

cherry tomato, red onion and watercress


Tempura Vegetables | 12.50

hummus and pickled cucumber salad, coriander oil


Wild Mushroom Pil-Pil | 13.50

blended soft herbs, confit garlic,

roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh chilli

(available as a sharing portion 23.50)


Corn Tortilla with Red Pepper Glaze | 13.50

salt baked beetroot, avocado, chilli,

tofu and peanut dressing

M A I N   C O U R S E S

Super Bowl Salad | 16.00

salad greens, mixed beans,  avocado, olives,

griddled asparagus and roasted aubergine

with mint and lime quinoa


Superfood Salad | 16.00

lentils, quinoa, spiced sweet potato, black beans,

red onion, pumpkin seeds, celery, avocado,

pomegranate and kale


Black Bean and Chickpea Burger  | 16.50

black garlic mayonnaise, ice berg, tomato,

cheddar cheese, sweet potato fries


Spaghetti Aglio e Olio | 16.50

garlic, olive oil, chilli and parsley


Malay Style Vegetable Yellow Curry |15.50

coconut rice, smoked aubergine dahl

and aromatic flat bread

S I D E   O R D E R S

Steamed Mixed Vegetables | 5.50

Sautéed Spinach | 5.50

Broccoli | 5.50

Sautéed Potatoes | 5.50

Triple Cooked Chips | French Fries | 5.00

Sweet Potato Fries | 5.00


(Prices Include 10% IVA)

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