Beach House Re-Opening

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1. Overview

A short summary of the most common questions we get asked:

Re-opening date

Friday 22nd of May 2020

Kitchen Opening Hours

Mon-Sat  09:30 - 22:30

   Sun     09:30 - 18:00

Generally, it is best to book but we’ll also take walk-ins.

We're open for food and just for drinks

Beach beds and our beach lounge are open as well for the public


There's live music Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, with more of our Residential musicians returning in the course of this summer.


2. Our Menus

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3. Safety & Hygiene Plan

In accordance with Spanish law, we have stepped up our health and hygiene protocol as follows:


☑ Interior & outdoor spaces are open for business

☑ The occupancy is reduced due to 2m space between tables.

☑ A maximum of 20 guests to an individual table allowed.

☑ No table cloths, tables disinfected after each use instead.

☑ One-use menus printed on recycled paper.

☑ Different hand sanitizers/washing stations for guests and staff.

☑ Bread ordered and baked individually for each table.

☑ Communal condiments such as salt, pepper, oil and vinegar served in single-use sachets.

☑ Front of house staff will be equipped with facemasks, kitchen staff with facemasks and gloves.

☑ Staff temperatures to be taken daily.

☑ One member of staff dedicated exclusively to cleaning and disinfection. 

☑ Perspex screens on reception to protect staff.

☑ Guests to choose if they would prefer to pour their own wine 


We are confident that we can preserve or even enhance the restaurant ambience whilst upholding the new criteria. 


4. Live Entertainment

There's live music Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Over the coming months, our intention will be to gradually bring the rest of our resident entertainers back into the mix.

We will keep our event calendar updated accordingly:


5. Q&A

?למי זה מתאים

מגיל 3 ומעלה ועד 99

?האם המקום נגיש

המקום ברובו נגיש, גם לעגלות ילדים וגם לכסאות גלגלים


6. Reservations

In order to reserve your table please follow the button below:

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