Breakfast Menu

C O O K E D   B R E A K F A S T


Granola Parfait | 7.50

mixed berry compote, Greek yogurt,

crunchy granola and honey on the side

Overnight Oats with Chia Seeds and Raisins | 7.50

almond milk, fresh fruit and toasted hazelnuts

Classic Fruit Salad | 7.00

diced, mixed exotic fruit in freshly squeezed juice

Croissant with Jam and Butter | 4.50

classic all butter or seeded wholemeal

American Pancakes

with crispy bacon and maple syrup | 10.00

with mixed fruit, crunchy oats and yogurt | 10.00

with crispy bacon, fruit, oats, yogurt and syrup | 14.00

Huevos Rancheros | 14.00

two eggs baked in a spicy tomato and bean salsa with chilli,
coriander, lime and crispy chorizo

(available without chorizo)

Scrambled Eggs on Homemade Granary Toast

with smoked salmon and avocado | 13.50

with Danish bacon | 10.00


Eggs Benedict on Homemade English Muffin

with spinach | 11.00

with smoked salmon, avocado and spinach | 13.50

with Danish bacon and spinach | 12.00


Beach House McMuffin

with bacon, egg, cheese and truffle butter | 12.00

with sausage, egg, cheese and truffle butter | 12.00

Poached Eggs with Smashed Avocado, Cherry Tomato, Sea Salt and Chilli | 11.50

on homemade granary toast


Full English Breakfast | 14.00

two fried eggs, sausage, bacon, tomato, beans mushrooms,

hashbrown, black pudding and toast

(children’s portion 7.00)


Mixed Toastie | 7.50

with ham and cheese

Breakfast Brioche Roll or Sandwich

with sausage and egg | 8.50

with bacon and egg | 8.50

with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise | 9.50

Extra Breakfast Item | 2.50

egg, sausage, bacon, toast, hash browns etc.

S M O O T H I E S  A N D  S H A K E S


Strawberry and Banana | 5.00

Pineapple and Mango | 5.00

Raspberry and Mango | 5.00

Super Blueberry | 5.00
Milkshake (strawberry | chocolate | vanilla) | 5.00


(Prices Include 10% IVA Tax)